From the heart…

Nalini Dutta

My lone time in the sky !

Always an Imaginary Love stays with me, I call it you. You here is like an imagination of what love is or can be........ These clouds make me think of you This lone time in the sky makes me imagine... Continue Reading →


Ideas of Love that never die #WorldPoetryDay

Ideas of Love that never die Ideas of love : I'm not so shy Love is the emotion which creates commotion A feeling stuffed with pain and pleasure There it goes again,I say, as my mind wanders in thoughts of... Continue Reading →

The self & its illusions!

There is only this self that stays with you on this journey that is yours If you have great friends good, if not don't despair; you will slowly learn to grow over it all This scared self got mired in... Continue Reading →

I thought it was perfect, but it isn’t

In the moment when love felt fulfilling, I woke up with hunger pangs as grave ! In the moment when my heart felt at ease, I felt the pining resurrect again ! In the moment I felt it was perfect,... Continue Reading →

What I felt with you was #Love

Everything about you Every smile, every laughter Every desire was love Every itch to see you Every tear shed Every kiss felt was love   Maybe it was love ,Never felt before Maybe you are love, I had been waiting... Continue Reading →

That Hot & Cold vibe…

Being hot & cold Hot warm on a sunny day, cold shouting shredding the other Winter came and so will summer,this belief I kept for long When there is fixed weather cycle,how do I complain of change   But its... Continue Reading →

Be Impervious to Pain

Let the rain flow through your veins,be impervious to pain Let not the darkness distance you from flame, be impervious to pain Let the music sync in your hearts, be oblivious to things that don't matter;  be impervious to pain... Continue Reading →

Pyasa #dil dhoondtha hai tujhe kar kahin!

I was thinking about what we all go through i.e. : the endless search for love in everyone's life.. So, another one in Hindi. ~Nalini Dutta

Jab tum yaad aate ho !

Kuch suni suni si baatein lagti hain Kuch adhkhuli si raatein lagti hain Jab tum yaad aate ho Jab tum yaad aate ho Bikhar gaya tha rang gulabi Lehro mei finisti chaadro sa Baadlo mei kho gya wo Kabhi kabhi... Continue Reading →

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