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Nalini Dutta

You were not made to hide behind a shadow

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Helen Keller ; Photo credit(Wikipedia) 

“When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.”

Hellen Keller


Looking in and around, I saw these women struggling and suffering at the hand of destiny if I may say that or at the hands of people around them. I chanting with all my heart to know, how to end that suffering in all our lives.

While chanting I had this thought. That ghonzon doesn’t want our life to be hidden behind a husband or a married label. Our lives have a mission of their own and we have to work to shine and make our own mark

What grief thus should we ever have to have been given the opportunity to be so strong and shine so brilliantly; thereby giving hopes to others who may be suffering

We were not made to hide behind a shadow but leave our own trace

We were not made to get lost in the dark but shine like a thousand suns

We were not made to use someone’s name or fame but to create our own

We were not made to lie still, but fight fierce battles

We were not made to be alone, but live with pride raising more capable souls with us

We were made to live truly and never hide behind any shadows

Take a take pledge for all you love;  you will not let them sulk, but always pull up every time they fall.

I was looking at the most powerful women list in Forbes and realised the potential women have that is to be tapped to make them shine and never let them hide behind shadows.

~ Nalini Dutta



The #Nomad self

The Nomad self; turns to people and places looking for its home abode

It doesn’t rest in beds or feel ease in bunkers

It’s not a progeny of someone, neither an accomplice or a mate

There are places it wants to fly to and be grounded again with the rain

It loves the journey more than it loves to be on the road

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The Nomad self; turns to people and places looking for a recourse

There is no peace in routine and no love in the mundane

There is a heart screeching and shrieking with uproar

It wanders to find love, lost in those once merry souls

The Nomad self; turns to people and places discovering where it belongs

There is mission in its heart and a song of its wonted resort

It wants to breathe in life and give out the love it deserves

It listens and creates music with waves touching the shore

The Nomad self; turns to people and places figuring out its way home

There’s a rambling soul, put to rest only through its own sojourns

Its looks for the sunshine but becomes its own light post

     It lives neither in the sky nor on the road

It lives in the feeling of being content within its wandering 5 feet abode

 The Nomad self; turns to the mirror making peace with its own soul!

~Nalini Dutta

#Nomad #Life #fromtheheart

Open all nodes and feel free! #womensday

Open all nodes, one by one!

For the nodes in your heart, open them with concision; one by one

Let the nodes dissolve and melt away without leaving stains

Open all nodes, one by one!

Brighten the spots, where those shadows lurked

Don’t be scared of the shadows, face them and see them fade; one by one

Open all nodes, one by one !

Cut them off, those intertwining cords that tied your veins and made you breathless

Make changes in the present or don’t,but make peace with your  past, one by one

Open all nodes, one by one!

For the longest time, you dint realise your worth

Stand up and acclaim what is rightfully yours, one by one

Open all nodes, one by one!

People thought you need crutches to walk

Break all crutches and walk ahead, one step at a time; one by one

One all nodes, one by one!

~ Nalini Dutta

#womensday #fromtheheart #openthenodes

Enjoy the fun and excitement of T20 through Express painting by #BergerXP



Express Painting  Setup
Express Painting Setup


The wish to attend an event as a blogger had been there for long, and here I saw the opportunity to attend the Berger Paint event happening in Delhi. I had seen pictures of BergerXP events in other cities, showing bloggers painting and thus got interested. I requested for the invite, and when I got the invite for the event I was really looking forward to it, but still did not expect it would be so much fun. So, here’s my experience of my  first event as an #Indiblogger.

Painting is the worst of the jobs in regards to your house second only to construction hues. Berger paints is trying to break these perceptions through their Express Painting designed with innovative and advanced Home Painting Tools.

Be a child again!

Meeting new blogger friends is awesome, Anoop from Indiblogger made it even easier through the first ice breaking session, we were given 5 slips with information about other blogs and we had figure out whose blogs the slips belonged to. Followed by this was the task of using the sand paper to clean a piece of cardboard given to us as a team.  We started to sand the cardboard, don’t know about the time or how smooth did we make it, but it was super fun. 


We did try out hands at painting as well. We painted an image of “Go Green” and created a lot of mess with colours on our table. My hands are visible at the bottom of the painting to take a pledge on behalf of the entire team. We did not win the competition :(, but still playing with colours was exciting as the heading says” Be a child again”. Indiblogger ensured we became children and enjoyed all the activities thoroughly.

Go green @nalinidutta #BergerXP
Go Green: Our team painting


Let the Expert speak!

Mr. Vinod Das, Head-Consumer Services & Business Development at Berger paints spoke about the benefits of Express painting and how it made the tedious process of paint into a process which was “Faster, Cleaner and Better” and it came with no extra cost over the traditional paint process. There are certain other benefits of Express painting, which are worth the mention:

  • Express painting is 40% faster
  • Service provided by trained painters
  • Dust free house at no extra cost

Their commercial does the job of describing, what a relief it is to have a service like Express paint. Check out the TV commercial below:



Now, let me talk about the tools that make the Express painting by Berger paints so cool. These tools not only promise a world-class painting experience without the dust, dirt and paint spillage but also assures the homeowner of an excellent finish, reducing the time required for a painting assignment.

1. Sanding Machine 

  • Faster and Cleaner
  • Dust free Vacuum function
  • Regulated speed

 2. Multipurpose Mixer

  • Quick & hassle free mixing
  • Regulated speeds
  • Putty and Texture mixing

3. Auto Roller

  • Adjustable Roller
  • Automatic paint pumping
  • Superior finish

4. High-pressure washer 

  • Hi- speed pressure wash
  • Pressure regulator
  • Nozzle adjustment

5. Airless paint spray 

  • Quick application
  • Supports water-  based paints & primer
  • Uniform finish


Sanding Machine
Technician giving demo of Sanding Machine


To know about Berger Paints and their tools visit their website and see the magic of T20 of paint come alive at your home, I am for sure convinced about trying this.

~Nalini Dutta


Top 10 Celebs at Red Carpet looks at #OSCARS 2017, you don’t want to miss! — Let Venus Rule!

Top 10 Celebs at Red Carpet looks at #OSCARS 2017, you don’t want to miss!  From Halle Berry , Emma Stone and Priyanka Chopra and other stars slaying the Oscar red carpet.  Read more on the link below :

via Top 10 Celebs at Red Carpet looks at #OSCARS 2017, you don’t want to miss! — Let Venus Rule!

#Courage is not about standing up for others but your ownself as well! 

#Forever I felt I had to belong to you, as you would to me! #Love

For if, love was all one needs, wouldn’t you know how it feels

Forever I felt I had to belong to you, as you would to me

Forever I felt I will live on in your dreams

Forever I felt you would sense what I felt

Forever I felt you would feel the same way as I did

#Forever #Love
#Forever #Love

But, Forever,  has been a thought just a fancy of the brain

Forever is never, but now is forever, if lived to the fullest

So live now with me each moment; before we lose time to create beauty and love

The purpose was to love and share what we felt

You came along to show me how it felt

It must have been some yearning of thousand odd years that got soothed by every word you said!

~ Nalini Dutta


 Image source :

#KissDay special! A kiss is an act of union, a window to one’s soul

In the Valentine week, spirits for some are really high. #KissDay special note for lovers inspired by Edward and Bella. Their love story that casts a spell and leaves you spellbound.

Bella and Edward from Twilight series!


Kiss me till I gasp for breath

Kiss me till you feel my soul’s depth

Kiss me till you to get to the pain of longing I felt

Kiss me till I lose my breath

Kiss me and bring me back to life, Wake me up from the slumber that had me long engulfed.

Kiss me till it defines all reasons of our being and crossing paths with each other instead 

Kiss me till the sky lights up in sanguine mode like we become with each other’s touch 

Kiss me till we lose all senses to decipher right or wrong or decipher any sounds ringing  around us 


A kiss is an act of union, a window to one’s soul

An expression of love one always held.

Holding each other till you get tired of embrace, and your skin melts in one

Way your scents are exchanged  and your breaths become one


~ Nalini Dutta

Those Eyes ! #Eyes that bind me and say they’ll #love me forever!

Eyes show the strength of one’s soul – Paulo Coehlo!

Few eyes are just immersive!
For if there were love and hatred all is seen in one’s eyes. As I sat and pondered over the depth and character of these little but powerful scanner of one’s thoughts and intentions, there were a few thoughts which struck me.  


I know the eyes of a traitor and a keeper, as they are the eyes of the mirror of your soul
I saw the eyes lying and cheating; saying there is no worth in a single word they say
I saw them all; and I saw eyes that are yours, telling me they share the same pain
Eyes shining like diamonds through crystals falling over our shared joys and sorrows
Eyes wanting to stay longer than the time permitted on our watches
Eyes telling me they are here to stay!
For years long enough, I thought if love were to be found through someone’s eyes it would only be in a fable.
But when I see your eyes, they stop all trivia around me 
I see my world resting in them, and they hold that moment for me
I see meaning in those intense eyes, and they teach the meaning of life to me 
For  years long enough, I thought a touch may lead to quiver’s it would be fiction
But your gaze caught me off guard, giving me quicker’s never felt through a touch ever!
Eyes that bind me and say they’ll love me forever! 


~Nalini Dutta




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