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Nalini Dutta

A pair he will never wear & she will never leave!

First short story by me, hope you like it ! Torn Shoes! Her friends always admired, envied and even borrowed her shoes. She is known in her circle to have the best collection of shoes with umpteen number of color... Continue Reading →


The Fakir – Ruzbeh N. Bharucha – The Lessons!

The book had various lessons to learn on simple things we do in daily life, wanted to share with all : How to eat food: Never, ever, eat alone. You might say that you spend all your time alone but you... Continue Reading →

#Love Myth!

I have grown up to the fantasy of love One after the other, Love buzz hovers in my head This dream shall falter and the next begins Maybe this was not right maybe this was not the time But search... Continue Reading →

#Fakir by Ruzbeh N. Bharucha – The Story!

The one, who makes the thunder roar, also hears a butterfly sigh Hell is just a state of mind - Fakir Rudra devastated by a crucifying divorce is forcibly separated from his children by his wife. He is roaming around aimlessly... Continue Reading →

I hurt U & U hurt me, in ways we both felt right…. #love

Rejoice .. My Love!

My best friend wrote this and I am sharing with you all. Hope you like it!   Rejoice, My Love For I have found you Yet again Yet again This lifetime and the lifetimes to come Shall not be enough... Continue Reading →

Fighting back the #Swashbuckler of My life

Source: Fighting back the #Swashbuckler of My life

This is the self I like, the self I am, when I am with you!

Explore my depths, filling me up with your being Your lips on mine sealed like crystals in a mine Your eyes touching mine, making me feel divine There is a way our eyes meet sparkling like a sunshine Your presence... Continue Reading →

#JudgingPeople, the process that starts and ends with a mindset

"The more we judge, the less we love."  - Nalini Dutta Long years of life have taught me a lot of things, one being, how to not see people through the lens of my life and my situation.How to stop... Continue Reading →

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