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Nalini Dutta

This is the self I like, the self I am, when I am with you!

Explore my depths, filling me up with your being Your lips on mine sealed like crystals in a mine Your eyes touching mine, making me feel divine There is a way our eyes meet sparkling like a sunshine Your presence... Continue Reading →


#JudgingPeople, the process that starts and ends with a mindset

"The more we judge, the less we love."  - Nalini Dutta Long years of life have taught me a lot of things, one being, how to not see people through the lens of my life and my situation.How to stop... Continue Reading →

The Forty Rules of #Love- by #ElifShafak

The Forty Rules of Love Review  "There is a language of love I seek, a language which makes a name a synonym of love. A love that has defined your soul and your presence in this world. Knowledge of God... Continue Reading →

How #chakras aid/ disrupt your #relationships

  People aware of chakras in the human body would have heard the concept of 7 Chakras and how they play a role in a human's life state. Will delve upon the concept of chakras and how do they interfere... Continue Reading →

The #struggle within

This I found in my own papers.. written over a decade ago, I was wondering I always thought the same... So here it is... THE STRUGGLE WITHIN I see myself and I see an ocean In this five foot body,... Continue Reading →

You were not made to hide behind a shadow

We were not made to hide behind a #shadow but leave our own trace We were not made to get lost in the dark but shine like a thousand suns We were not made to use someone's name or fame but to create our own We were not made to lie still, but fight fierce battles

The #Nomad self

The Nomad self; turns to people and places looking for its home abode It doesn't rest in beds or feel ease in bunkers It's not a progeny of someone, neither an accomplice or a mate There are places it wants to... Continue Reading →

Open all nodes and feel free! #womensday

Open all nodes, one by one! Brighten the spots, where those shadows lurked Don't be scared of the shadows, face them and see them fade; one by one #womensday

Enjoy the fun and excitement of T20 through Express painting by #BergerXP

playing with colours was exciting It truly was "Being a child again". Indiblogger ensured we became children and enjoyed all the activities thoroughly. #BergerXP #Indiblogger

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