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Pyasa #dil dhoondtha hai tujhe kar kahin!

I was thinking about what we all go through i.e. : the endless search for love in everyone's life.. So, another one in Hindi. ~Nalini Dutta


Jab tum yaad aate ho !

Kuch suni suni si baatein lagti hain Kuch adhkhuli si raatein lagti hain Jab tum yaad aate ho Jab tum yaad aate ho Bikhar gaya tha rang gulabi Lehro mei finisti chaadro sa Baadlo mei kho gya wo Kabhi kabhi... Continue Reading →

#Love Myth!

I have grown up to the fantasy of love One after the other, Love buzz hovers in my head This dream shall falter and the next begins Maybe this was not right maybe this was not the time But search... Continue Reading →

I hurt U & U hurt me, in ways we both felt right…. #love

Rejoice .. My Love!

My best friend wrote this and I am sharing with you all. Hope you like it!   Rejoice, My Love For I have found you Yet again Yet again This lifetime and the lifetimes to come Shall not be enough... Continue Reading →

This is the self I like, the self I am, when I am with you!

Explore my depths, filling me up with your being Your lips on mine sealed like crystals in a mine Your eyes touching mine, making me feel divine There is a way our eyes meet sparkling like a sunshine Your presence... Continue Reading →

The #struggle within

This I found in my own papers.. written over a decade ago, I was wondering I always thought the same... So here it is... THE STRUGGLE WITHIN I see myself and I see an ocean In this five foot body,... Continue Reading →

The #Nomad self

The Nomad self; turns to people and places looking for its home abode It doesn't rest in beds or feel ease in bunkers It's not a progeny of someone, neither an accomplice or a mate There are places it wants to... Continue Reading →

Open all nodes and feel free! #womensday

Open all nodes, one by one! Brighten the spots, where those shadows lurked Don't be scared of the shadows, face them and see them fade; one by one #womensday

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