Fakir ; nalini dutta ; book review

The book had various lessons to learn on simple things we do in daily life, wanted to share with all :

How to eat food:

Never, ever, eat alone. You might say that you spend all your time alone but you know the boy, only a fool thinks he is ever alone. God and your guides, your spirits Guides are always there around you. It is so selfish and ungrateful to eat without offering all you eat and drink to them and inviting them to share whatever you eat along with you.

How to pray:

Whenever you pray, the most important thing to ask for is strength and wisdom, love and compassion to accept whatever God/Master/Destiny has in store with grace and happiness and positive surrender. This is mandatory. Without praying this, the life force of the prayer is virtually nonexistent.

If you pray and meditate at peace and content with your Lord and Master then you allow yourself to become a vessel; a medium; an instrument for the holy spirit to enter you.

You are a medium. Always remember this. You are not the doer but a channel trough which energy and the breath of God flows. For a moment do not entertain any illusion that you have power or are spiritually on a higher plane.

Work and live to annihilate your little petty ego and bask in the glory and presence of your Master, God, and Goddess.  Just help people. That is the best way you can thank God for all that God has done for you and your family. For all that which God has bestowed on you and your family, help those in need. You want to show your gratitude to God then help those in need. Just give and give and help those in need.

Nobody is a victim. There are no preys and no hunters. Fill yourself up with God and selfless love and you shall be the shadow of God. Fill yourself up more with the creator and after a while you will merge in God. Fill yourself further with the maker and a time shall come when you too shall become God, as there shall be no difference between you and your maker. Like the waves in the ocean; you too shall become the ocean.

On Suicide:

Suicide is of no use. If you think you are miserable now, you have no idea how miserable you are going to be after your soul is forced to leave its body by the act of suicide. Just because the person has left the physical body, it does not mean the emotions and the overpowering sense of rage are no longer felt. The mind doesn’t cease to exist.  Death puts an end to all suffering related with the body and circumstances but to suffering as such as the soul will still suffer.

On how to pray and light a diya:

Light a diya preferably where you do prayers at home it could be a temple or an altar or your bedroom. Observe the flame its colours, its shape. Think you are in the womb of the goddess, Devi the life force of all creation. Then pray to Devi to cleanse your body, you blood, DNA and cells , from negativity, ill-health and darkness.

Light a diya with prayers on your lips and in your heart. Request the fire that you have just lit, to dispel the darkness from your life and from the lives of your loved ones. Request the fire to spread the light of God in your lives and fill it with the warmth of God’s breath.  Pray that you never go astray into the path of darkness.

In the end, thank her for allowing you to connect with her energy and protection.

Pray that fragrance and smoke of the incense stick will cleanse all that which is negative and impure; in the air, in the surroundings and mainly, within all those who inhale the fragrance.

On seeking answers:

All your answers are within son, Not outside. Forget auras and chakras and paranormal and new age and pyramids and tarots and channeling and all the fancy words and connect with the most basic word. Nothingness and in that nothingness you will find the creator. He created everything out of nothingness and thus you need to go back to nothingness to reach him. Crafty old man this creator of ours.

On Karma:

Also, remember through meditation and prayer, not only does the individual burn off pending karmas but also they create a shield of protection, either the prayer will ward off the trouble or give the individual the strength and wisdom, love and compassion to face whatever is in store with grace, humour and positive acceptance.

The easiest way to work out one’s karma and clean the state of karmic dues and protect oneself and one’s family is through prayers, meditation, charity and a positive acceptance of all that the Master has in store for you.

On Silence:

Silence, not only in words but also in thought is important. There is no sense being silent on the outside but inside burning and mentally abusing the world in general. Silence means tranquility, verbally and from within.  Always be in peace and in silence. Even if you can be in one such state, you can live through nobly.