The one, who makes the thunder roar, also hears a butterfly sigh

Hell is just a state of mind – Fakir

Fakir ; nalini dutta ; book review

Rudra devastated by a crucifying divorce is forcibly separated from his children by his wife. He is roaming around aimlessly to find a place which gives peace. No place is good enough for more than a month or two and last 9 months he has been practically living on the road in his van which he has converted into a living space for him.

It takes wisdom to give one’s best shot and then accept gracefully whatever fate or providence has in store, with total positive surrender – Fakir

On one of these days, people crossing from a path unknown finds a person stabbed and stained in blood. He looks like a saint and is bleeding profusely. Everyone else is scared to touch him or even help because there will be police harassment.  But Rudra has nothing to lose and something in him doesn’t let him leave the old man on the road and he puts him in his van and in the pain he is experiencing merges with Baba, his old man and becomes one.

Either do what your soul really desires and if you can’t for whatever reason, then make peace with yourself and accept your present situation, with grace, as the will of the Lord.  There is no other way son.  – Fakir 

This meeting of Rudra will change everything for him and his life. The Story of Fakir is not just a fable for a good read. Fakir takes you to your own life situations and how you deal with them. How being in the moment is something that Rudra will learn and why living in the moment is important for us.

God is in the moment. He isn’t in the past or the future. If you can’t live in the moment, if you can’t live as though that moment is your last, then you aren’t living son, just existing. Live, as though, you aren’t going to live again. Enjoy the experience, as though you aren’t going to get an opportunity to enjoy ever again.

This author is definitely a spiritual person, being a member of Sokka Gakkai based on Buddhist principles. I did relate to many things the book has to say. We control our experiences and pain and thus change our Karma. It’s not our situations that define our happiness but our own, a thought that reverberates throughout the book. It continues to motivate you to have compassion another quality the Buddhist declare as necessary.

Pain is the greatest gift. God could give his child because it is pain that opens the door to compassion and love for all of the creation that opens the doors of paradise and God consciousness. – Fakir

The pain of body, mind or heart, means the land is fertile for God to begin cultivating on your soul, my son. But if you let pain make you bitter, negative, mean, vindictive…. Ah, son, you have lost the greatest opportunity to walk the shadow of God. But if you allow pain to harvest the good in you, my child, then the kingdom of heaven is yours; not only when you exhale your last and leave your physical frame, but even when you live and with every breath, you take while you live. The cross will remain, but your shoulders will get more strength. The whip will lash on your body but the balm of God will not allow pain to touch you. The kingdom of heaven is filled with wonders son; the greatest wonder of all is to convert pain to God consciousness. – Fakir

Coming back to the story, Rudra starts living with Baba in a small room beside the sea in Goa. He cooks food and lights Chillum for Baba. Even though Baba teases Rudra about his pathetic cooking skills, never once, he discounts the love with which he cooks for Baba. Baba teaches Rudra how to channelise and be in the moment.  Baba also teaches him about human behaviour, one that is expected when we are weak and the one which we can experience through a high life state. How Rudra has been a good soul, by not letting anger or hatred grip him.  That’s how he has remained pure and cleansed his karmic balance as his intentions are still pure.

Hatred is the heaviest cross of all, my son. Even the heavens pity the person who carries the Cross of hatred, as this Cross gets heavier and heavier by the moment.  Always be in peace and be in silence. Even if you can be in one such state, you can live through nobly. – Fakir

Only mankind is interested in results. Nature only wants to know intentions. Angels hear the purity in the prayer in the prayer rather than the prayer itself or the fancy words mouthed, and that work done intelligently was far superior to tremendous hard work done without much thought but the intention of the labour was way far above intelligence, effort or results. – Fakir 

No good deed ever goes unnoticed and no wrong thought or action goes unseen and unaccounted. The balance sheet is in your very soul. All accounts are kept in one’s own soul, updating automatically everything like a computer so advanced that mankind will take an eternity and longer to even come remotely close to it. Nature is a phenomenal accountant and the soul is the keeper of the accounts. You don’t have anybody else keeping a tab on you actions. Your very soul keeps all the accounts and then decides what is the best course to remedy or reward itself. – Fakir 

While learning to love with Baba, Rudra comes close to being a medium, which he realizes one day at Martin’s Corner in Goa. He could read a businessman’s problem without him telling Rudra anything and the solution flows from his mouth. Though shocked, Rudra slowly is made aware by Baba how he has been chosen to become a medium and what it entails to be a medium.  Slowly, Rudra becomes more recognized and is able to help people and guide them to the right path as Rudra can see the truth.  He also motivates people to help the needy and give positively back to society.

Every time you do something right, you help tilt the balance in favor of truth and that contribution affects the vibration within the cosmos. Each one of us sending out the right vibration can then help change the mindset of more and more people till the world throbs with positive vibrations and right actions. Each of us matters to Providence and has to say in creation and evolution.  – Fakir

Give providence a reason to help you and the best way is to convince the Universe that you are going to take care of the needy and the sick and hungry and the damned. – Fakir

How only in dreams Rudra still meets his children and also suffers when the subconscious takes control.  Rudra gets unwell and goes to the spirit world. As we see the dogs that Rudra had been feeding recognise his death and Baba is there to receive Rudra. Only the people who enter the room can’t see Baba, that is when you realise that Baba is already a part of the spirit world and is not seen by humans. Probably Rudra after his suffering became that pure.

The stream of life flows through all of us. One needs to connect with it and enter it. It is sometimes lost in the woods of thoughts, confusion, greed and day to day life. It is there in all. Some lead their entire life never once appreciating its beauty or being cleansed by its cool waters. But those who find it within are refreshed and strengthened by it all times, whenever they so desire. One needs to slow down, heat the flow within and merge with it. You people call it meditation. I call it going inwards. – Fakir

However, strong the chariot may be or skilled the charioteer, till all the horses are not in unison with the path and the way through it, only hell and pandemonium rule. Nothing reigns but chaos. Living in the present moment and chanting the holy name and walking with the Lord creates a single minded desire and a harmonious momentum that makes the journey blissful and enjoyable. – Fakir 


Overall, Fakir is a good book if you are willing to go on a spiritual journey yourself and are looking answers beyond what answers life has to offer. It is a good read and intrigues the reader and keeps you motivated to go on.  Though not a read in one go, still has a lot to offer.  Many things about being absolutely guilt free, polite and without ill feelings for people against you and be in a state of positive surrender, go beyond me. Guess, my spiritual journey is yet to take a higher road.  But Fakir is a book you can invest your time in.

~Nalini Dutta