Seven Chakras
Seven Chakras


People aware of chakras in the human body would have heard the concept of 7 Chakras and how they play a role in a human’s life state.

Will delve upon the concept of chakras and how do they interfere with the relationships in one’s life.

A person has both manhood and womanhood present in them, thus their basic nature might change from time to time. This happens if both the man and the woman inside you is not at peace. So, the first step to developing any relationship is to foster the harmony within yourself.

The second interface starts when there is another person in front of us.  The man and woman have a different level of chakra awakening that is dominant inside them. Though in the current times with intermingling roles and responsibilities that men and women play, their dominant character also changes. It disbalances the basic tendencies and thus our relationships. Life states above, first we need to harmonize our own self, create the balance between the man and the woman that resides in us and then look for a person who belongs to either same or a higher chakra.

Fose who have studied Maslow’s hierarchy of needs will be able to relate to it quickly.

  • The man rests in the mooladhar or survival chakra –  The Survival or Mooladhar is also the root chakra. It just talks about survival and thus very primitive and basic needs of a person.
  • The woman stays in swathisthan chakra or pleasure chakra – Women as per primitive values was believed that the woman will control the house, feeding the house was man’s responsibility. Thus having basic needs met, she automatically goes to one level up. Though today both men and women are bread earners and the levels for each person may change.
  • Manipura or Solar plexus –  Now the thing is for the woman to respect the man, the man has to go above basic 2 chakra’s and reside in the solar plexus. Where he is earning and making an effort not just to sustain to create a name in society.

Now as we go up to the other chakras the awakening and level of intellect for each person also keeps on increasing. The basic start of a relationship has to be within the folds of love and respect. Men have to work hard to get women’s respect and be accepted as a rightful partner.


PS: The views are personal and influenced by a workshop attended at Zorba.

~ Nalini Dutta

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