This I found in my own papers.. written over a decade ago, I was wondering I always thought the same… So here it is…


I see myself and I see an ocean

In this five foot body, I feel tremors of the universe

 I seek light where darkness surrounds

In the endless  universe, a spec of my existence moves like a wispy feather

The world inside me lives and deals with a havoc each day

When my brain fumbles and mind boggles

It is from there that I want to move ahead to see the things the destination beholds

In the other side of it.. The unknown … the unrevealed


I want to see what’s beyond my sight

I want to know what’s hidden from my eyes

I want to relieve the pain of mother earth

I want to lay a path of love


The fire within me alludes with a smile

The swot within I never let it rise

The fights within are a commotion

Trying to search the end and m the solution

The strength of soul rekindles with a sense of exultation


Every time it hurts m a better person

There’s so much to do with this little time

The dreams are my entourage, my only hopes, and aspirations


I try each day to fight that good fight

To stretch myself so that my dreams are realized

I want a life of truth and devotion

To live just not for myself but for others as well

I hope I can take away the pain and cries of people struggling to have a bread each day


May there be enough for everyone around

May there be peace within and without


#nalinidutta #struggle #fromtheheart