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Helen Keller ; Photo credit(Wikipedia) 

“When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.”

Hellen Keller


Looking in and around, I saw these women struggling and suffering at the hand of destiny if I may say that or at the hands of people around them. I chanting with all my heart to know, how to end that suffering in all our lives.

While chanting I had this thought. That ghonzon doesn’t want our life to be hidden behind a husband or a married label. Our lives have a mission of their own and we have to work to shine and make our own mark

What grief thus should we ever have to have been given the opportunity to be so strong and shine so brilliantly; thereby giving hopes to others who may be suffering

We were not made to hide behind a shadow but leave our own trace

We were not made to get lost in the dark but shine like a thousand suns

We were not made to use someone’s name or fame but to create our own

We were not made to lie still, but fight fierce battles

We were not made to be alone, but live with pride raising more capable souls with us

We were made to live truly and never hide behind any shadows

Take a take pledge for all you love;  you will not let them sulk, but always pull up every time they fall.

I was looking at the most powerful women list in Forbes and realised the potential women have that is to be tapped to make them shine and never let them hide behind shadows.

~ Nalini Dutta