In the Valentine week, spirits for some are really high. #KissDay special note for lovers inspired by Edward and Bella. Their love story that casts a spell and leaves you spellbound.

Bella and Edward from Twilight series!


Kiss me till I gasp for breath

Kiss me till you feel my soul’s depth

Kiss me till you to get to the pain of longing I felt

Kiss me till I lose my breath

Kiss me and bring me back to life, Wake me up from the slumber that had me long engulfed.

Kiss me till it defines all reasons of our being and crossing paths with each other instead 

Kiss me till the sky lights up in sanguine mode like we become with each other’s touch 

Kiss me till we lose all senses to decipher right or wrong or decipher any sounds ringing  around us 


A kiss is an act of union, a window to one’s soul

An expression of love one always held.

Holding each other till you get tired of embrace, and your skin melts in one

Way your scents are exchanged  and your breaths become one


~ Nalini Dutta