Eyes show the strength of one’s soul – Paulo Coehlo!

Few eyes are just immersive!
For if there were love and hatred all is seen in one’s eyes. As I sat and pondered over the depth and character of these little but powerful scanner of one’s thoughts and intentions, there were a few thoughts which struck me.  


I know the eyes of a traitor and a keeper, as they are the eyes of the mirror of your soul
I saw the eyes lying and cheating; saying there is no worth in a single word they say
I saw them all; and I saw eyes that are yours, telling me they share the same pain
Eyes shining like diamonds through crystals falling over our shared joys and sorrows
Eyes wanting to stay longer than the time permitted on our watches
Eyes telling me they are here to stay!
For years long enough, I thought if love were to be found through someone’s eyes it would only be in a fable.
But when I see your eyes, they stop all trivia around me 
I see my world resting in them, and they hold that moment for me
I see meaning in those intense eyes, and they teach the meaning of life to me 
For  years long enough, I thought a touch may lead to quiver’s it would be fiction
But your gaze caught me off guard, giving me quicker’s never felt through a touch ever!
Eyes that bind me and say they’ll love me forever! 


~Nalini Dutta