Dedicated to my mother, sisters and all wonderful women; who have taught me love can be beautiful and is possible. Amidst people who lie, try to harm you or take advantage, when everything is not right around you, these women taught me to hold on , taught me that there is love and I should have faith to move on!

She taught me love!


That was love, what I saw in her eyes, everyday when she cared

That was love, when she forgave me for unforgivable and chose to stay

That was love, when she wept with me for my sorrows

That was love, when she held me tight, took charge and gave me the strength to follow

There was love in her entire being, which I took months to swallow


Love is not a part of her, but her whole being is love

Love is her presence that fills my being with emotions

Love is her smile when she poses happily for pictures

Love is her dedication for her family and profession

Love is her beauty that reflected in vigor of her character

With her m not judgmental, even for silly things she says and does!


Her love gave me strength that I never found in the holy scriptures

Her love is divine, just like her face

Her love, showed how selfless it is to be in love

Her love taught me, it is pious to be in love

Her love, makes me, the best version of myself

Her love taught me how things dont matter,  events dont matter, what matters is the core!


She makes me take responsibility for my life and another

She is a reason that I move on even when the odds are stronger !

She oozes love, even when the hatred around is getting younger!

She is the one, who taught me what is to be in love !


~ Nalini Dutta