While we all know that new gadgets excite us, some come with features that surprise us. LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd has launched an exciting new mobile phone, which is going to do just that.  LG India launched its much awaited new gadget LG V20. The phone is available online exclusively on Amazon along with their retail stores.

As I went through the features, few of them really intrigued me. #LGV20 comes with 5.7 inch screen size with a capacitive screen, which has IPS technology. Capacitive screen gives a free flow touch experience and IPS technology does not let the screen blur while tapping.  This phone comes with an Andriod 7.0 operating system, snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB RAM and 16GB internal memory; giving you ample storage space and fast user interface. It supports GSM, CDMA, HSPA and LTE networks with two slots for sim cards and one slot for SD card.

LG V20

Lets take a look at some of the alternate benefits by the way phone is built.

  1. #LG V20 helps you sail through anger/ mishandling drifts : One of the major reasons, of phone screens collapsing on the ground, is anger caused by tiffs with loved ones or your beau. Another reason, for a person like me, is crashing the screen as phone just slips out of my hand. However, there is nothing to worry about, good news is that LG V20 comes with a sleek metal body and Si-PC material deployed around corners making it durable. So people like me who have ruptured phone corners due to excessive dropping of your mobile phone, #LGV20 is the way to go. You may not handle the LGV20 properly, but this phone will take its own care.

    #LGV20, Sleek and Durable just the way you’ll like it!
  2. #LGV20 never lets you miss your life in motion: Whether it is those cute and fun moments with friends, capturing events live, your baby’s first few steps, camel ride in the deserts or your action packed thrilling bungee jump. LGV20 will let you capture all without missing a detail. The 16 MP front and 8MP rear camera with laser autofocus, OIS, LED flash captures, lifelike images you can treasure forever.
  3. #ExplorelifewithLGV20 wide angle lens:  Selfies have never been more fun with  120 degrees front and 135 rear wide angle lens of the phone. You can get your whole bunch of friends in a selfie. Capture wide angle view on your next excursion trip of beautiful beaches and mountains. LGV20 will make you forget bulky DSLR camera’s and difficult lens adjustments with the ease of clicking pictures with it.
  4. If music is your lifeline:  If B& O play ear phones were not enough to give a spectacular experience,V20 also has Hi Fi Quad DAC which reduces noise and promises clearer quality sound clarity.
  5. Have your own Studio: High Acoustic Overload Point(AOP)  mics helps to record loud noise scenes like live performance by your favorite singer, a concert, cheering of the crowd at IPL or at Old Trafford while watching football.If LGV20 were available when Coldplay concert happened in Mumbai last month, you could have recorded Coldplay live or recorded your own versions of Coldplay songs at your will with LGV20.

Along with other features, LGV20 has extendable and removable battery of 3200 mAh.  It also has finger print sensors keeping all people who like to sneak into your phone away 😉 ( could be your mom, boyfriend, girlfriend, siblings etc).

So, you might want to get your hands on the LGV20 which is available in three colors: Titan, Pink and Silver.


By Nalini Dutta