Bond beyond love ! 

It was a day normal as usual, sun did rise but still resistant to the light; you fought so hard.

Feeling of anxiousness crept in, and you are nowhere close to sane

Unprepared for getting out of bed, you refuse to leave the 6 feet abode

Keep thinking of factors that would let you move and not regress


If only there was peace instead of  anxiety,

if only you realised this world is full of gaiety

its you who needs to see life’s variety

there was strength that came from love that you seek

not a relationship status but an eternal bliss

the bond that you feel but has no name

you have an accomplice in feeling things the same way

bond of two which does not need a name

 like a tree with different roots but leaves are still same

like a tale of two written apart but still plays the same part

 like a whimper of an eye felt on both cheeks

like a dream lived by two staying away independently

the bond of two, that defies the law of gravity,

you feel it miles apart even surpassing technology

there is no one to shout and people love more than they care

there are no conjectures but avocations for real

there is no consummation of bodies but mingling of thoughts and two souls

there is no haze but an auroral dawn – shining brightly on the two of you.

The bond of two , without a name;  is beyond love, yet no name!

                                                                 ~ Nalini Dutta