On the journey of becoming someone, someone, people call success – you tend to lose yourself

May be life is about becoming everything,  for the world to think high of you.

In the process of becoming ,you acquire a lot, skills that you daily use.

Including the skills of projection, the skill of talking about things you don’t care

Holding agruments with people for things that are impasse,till you realise it is stale.

this moment, you step up to unbecome everything you know will fail ,fail to give you your spark of life

Realising your true self and becoming what you are meant to be, before you learnt the art to lie.

Shedding the farce skin layered with false ambitions, inherited from the world system of homo sapiens

You are what you are,so stand for what you want to do, love and say

In this process of becoming and unbecoming, you will realize how to live truly, sharing and seeing for once what you feel.

Becoming ,unbecoming  and being a veritable self!

~ Nalini Dutta