Love knows no boundaries haven’t we heard that enough ? 

Well, It does know a boundary; of love, a boundary without fences, which encompasses your entire being, a space where you and me cease to exist, where we both exist as one! 
Love is a feeling that keeps you going..
Love is the force that softens you within..

It is the stream of emotions that makes you feel alive, and lets you move the depths of love. With or without your love…

Krishna Radha love
                               Krishna- Radha Eternal Love! 

Love does not necessarily seek reciprocation, it does however seeks devotion..devotion of your own self to stay true to that feeling.. Never to malign it with temptations , which spoil the pious emotions..

Love gives you the strength to lose posessive streaks for your loved ones, but it does ache for longing to be with them.. Love is an embrace from far away..

It hurts to see them in pain.. But whatsoever, it may be, it hurts to be away from them.. Love stays no matter what.. It goes beyond the time on your watch..for every second spent with them is like an is a connection others cannot fathom.. It is bond too special.. It takes you two away in your own world even around a 1000 people..

It knows a space that only you both share..No matter how much the distance keeps you apart.. Love stays forever…Love is felt forever in the deep recesses of your heart.. It beats for you and knows its true.. You may be there to comfort or not..But Love stays forever..💘 Love is a feeling that unites two bodies as one! 

©Nalini Dutta