Little girl

I pray you remain safe right from the moment you are in the womb so that you are able to see the sun light one day.

I pray you are able to smile unrestrained  , I pray all demons stay away from you and you have a healthy childhood

I pray you are safe in the school, and you are protected at home

I pray as you grow up, you have the wisdom to tell right from wrong

I pray  there are no evil men that you meet,I pray you chose your work basis what you like and nothing else

Do what you love

I pray that you chose the life that you want to live

I pray that if you want love; you get the right guy for yourself

I pray that you always listen to your heart and decide everything for yourself

I pray that nothing crushes your spirit as you grow..I pray that you never get stuck on anything that can hurt

Life free

I will keep my prayers for you n all others that I see all girls happy

Prayers are a part of love, a hope for your happy life, a true wish from the heart!

~Nalini Dutta