Live free! 

Live Free like a bird

Absolute happiness, a state, for everyone around us!

A state where nothing brings us down ever,

 where we clean the slate of our life,

A state where we are like a free bird in spirit,

In complete peace with our own self and being.

A state where we have moved above all the experiences we were supposed to have

A state where we are united with our own higher self forever!

~Nalini Dutta

What I mean by Absolute happiness??  In my Buddhist practice there is a concept called Absolute and Relative happiness. Relative happiness is when we feel happy because of a job, relationship, an event in one’s life and success or anything that is based outside our own self.  Absolute happiness on the other hand is a life state where you are in a state which does not provide ethereal peace. It is a state where you are no longer comforted by the temporal situations of life, it is a state where no matter how many challenges you may be facing right now,you have the courage and wisdom to comprehend the true meaning of your struggle and courage to fight the situation. Inspite of all those tough times as well it is your attitude that doesn’t change, you don’t lose your calm and have the ability to move through.

When I chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo , I pray to accomplish happiness for my self and all others.  Nichiren Daishonin the 12th century sage said that happiness is not something that you look outside yourself.  You have to happy first and then only you can spread the joy of living with others. If there happiness around in all our live’s there will be peace. If there is peace within, we will live free like a bird!

~Nalini Dutta