I recently visited the aquarium in Dubai “The Lost Chambers” in Atlantis Hotel.   I was fascinated by the variety and beauty of different types of fishes. Recently got to know that there are these scuba diving opportunities in Goa as well. Could not help myself but call up these guys and check out as I wanted to make out the most of my 3-day vacation. I didn’t want to come back without scuba experience.

After making a few calls at Malibu and Goa adventures I got to know about these people who actually helped us get the first scuba experience. There are various organizations which do give you the scuba dive experience but you need to ensure that the trainers there are PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)  certified.

The program available for one day of scuba is called DSD ( Discover Scuba Diving ). We selected West Coast Adventures for the dive. Normally the charge for a 40-minute scuba experience under water is for Rs. 5000 accompanied by a certified trainer inclusive of your underwater pictures and videos. There is another for 20-minute scuba dive that will cost you Rs. 3500.  You get a training session before you go to the sea in a swimming pool with all the equipment.

Things that you need to take care of before the Dive day:

  1. Eat light on the dive day, it will help you to sustain underwater and also help reduce the sea sickness
  2. Alcohol does not serve well for scuba so avoid getting drunk the previous night
  3. Most importantly you may not be able to fly up to 12 hrs before and after the dive
  4. If you have any medical condition like High blood pressure etc you need to inform the instructors.

Before actual sea exposure, you will be required to get trained and learn the signals that will help you under water. In the training pool, they will teach you what is required for communicating signs like Okay, not okay, up, down etc.   We will talk about the signals used in the scuba dive in the next blog.

The costume and equipment are covered in the program. You can carry your swimming costume/ shorts to the swimming pool and they give you a scuba uniform along with equipment that includes the following:


  1. Air Tank
  2. Mask
  3. Regulator
  4. Buoyancy Compensator
  5. Boots
  6. Gloves
  7. Fins
  8. Weight belt


After the practice session, they take you to Grand Island in Goa about 45 minutes from Candolim beach.  The site for dive is Suzie’s wreck about 12 meters below the sea but you still touch the seabed. Once you reach the site you put the mouth device for breathing and other equipment on you and fall backward from the boat. There were people getting scared and unable to complete the dive. So all this while I was only thinking that I should be able to experience something new and let’s see what happens.  A pic just before going to the dive.
Ready for the dive, Dressed up as in Scuba Equipment
” I surrendered myself to the ocean like there was no looking back.
   Like I belonged to this water and it was where I had to abandon all and fall freely.”

As I went to the water the diver told me to breathe and we went under water. You will be asked to neutralize every 1 meter below the sea, it is done to avoid excess pressure on your ears which may harm your eardrums to avoid that you need to keep blowing air into the device and trying to blow through your nose by holding your nose. This will it push your ear drums back outside.
The first time you touch the seabed you will not be able to contain your joy. It is an amazing feeling, a calm feeling, it is completely surreal underwater and you cease to exist within your normal self.  You will see fishes all around you, there are few reefs, you will see Jellyfishes, sea snakes and many more beautiful and colorful animals under water.
We were revolving around the shipwreck and swam through the wreck once, at first, a slight thought as to if I will be able to swim across safely with this huge equipment back crossed my mind but we went across the small stretch very smoothly.
After about 40 minutes we came back to the surface and sun was shining brightly. Usually, the visibility in Goa waters is about 5 meters only but March first week looked like a pretty great day to be there. The visibility on the day was about 8 meters which are great.  As you come out of the sea the trainer will help you take off the equipment in the sea itself and then you climb back on the boat.
Holding the shipwreck
After sitting back in the boat did we realize that we got tired 🙂 also there was a little itching on the hands may be some fishes might have brushed through the skin. The best medicine for that is vinegar and usually, it will be provided by the scuba schools. Fresh fruit also helped to maintain and break off the sea sickness the fruit that they will offer is Oranges, Pineapples, and Bananas.
After we came back we took pictures and videos and took a shower. The only thing you may not like about the entire adventure trip is a little tan on your skin 😉
Overall,  for first-time divers, it couldn’t get better and if you are looking for a unique experience scuba is a thing to look out for and try.
~ Nalini Dutta
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