On taking rounds to get any girl by your side… I will listen even if you boast about your strides..

You can trick anyone but I know I wouldn’t even have to try…
If I ever went berserk to have a game of evens.. But I restrain and refrain from such showdowns

Useless and meaningless things creating clouds of doubt..
M a girl and a sensitive one, I need to be handled with care

But instead of letting it crush me to see such profanity… I remind myself that nothing but the best will stay in my life..
Nothing but true love will prevail in my life..

I will have the love that I dream of having
The love that is pious and connects me to my own higher self

The love where only we two matter..
Where you don’t feel the need of crowd to surround..
Where not just the flesh but your souls unite
You have different bodies but your hearts combine..