There is so much to heal in the broken hearts,
So much of pain behind those stoic faces.
You feel that agony, when they talk and even when they don’t.
So much those eyes have seen all these years
So much abuse they may have had to bear.

For this much of suffering how much of patience do we bear. To change it today.

Hold each one and melt away those fears and pray for their deepest despairs.
For they learn how to cherish this happiness of every breath that they take

Heal it with Love as love makes it real! It is only love that heals and makes it real … Else we live in sadness filled with delusions.
So, let’s hear the sounds that are silent around us and spread love what else could be expected of us. What else would be worth living for?

Let’s heal every pain in our and other’s lives. Let’s love.  Let’s change something here right now.

Heal it with love as love makes it real!

©Nalini Dutta