Lag ja gale ki phir haseen raat ho na ho..shyad iss janam main mulakat ho na ho!

I like this song, always feel the lyrics do justice to the feelings of someone truly in love.

It also made me feel that surge of love again rising inside,

I feel at times when we feel for someone intensely, rarely are you able to speak out.

The emotions overpower the words and lips are sealed only eyes talk!

When you are alone, only heart feels the pining and tears express the despair.

            “Shayad iss janam main mulakat ho na ho..”

The emotions, while you embrace someone you know, will never meet again

to know that lock of your arms will release more than just a hug

to know what you wanted to say is still unsaid.

to know the intensity of emotions

which you did not know existed

#love #feelings

The video of the song which inspired the post: