So many times do we talk about Deja vu. Looking for a word that describes living a moment like another person.

It happened during a conversation, then second third and many others. I get lost many times do we wonder and get lost in our own thoughts while the other person is continually trying to engage you.
And irritated they need a response and still you are lost not realising it kind of reached a tipping point for them..but you are blank and in your own world…

I realised I had been here before..not that I forgot this behaviour that I have seen in my many years before when my best friend would continuously try to talk and I would be quiet so quiet that it almost made her go mad. But before that, I remembered my last year conversation with you.. Where I was talking and you said nothing…

I just felt like you at that moment. I realised how many struggles you might have been going through which I was not aware of..may be we all take our lives too seriously at times and that creates trouble..

~ Nalini Dutta