Where you go, I’ll go with you!

Looking at your eyes,from my last memory, of you seeing me off..
Your absence is felt like a sharp pain that rises in the heart and then you feel that moment which was a millionth second of our existence yet feels fresh and vivid.. All I want to do is stay there with you..

If only world were a place of feelings being real,unconditional and being able to express freely what you felt about that day, about a thing, an incident, an occurrence, a person or may be the whole thing of easy would it feel like to breathe.. Just breathing freshness inside with ease..knowing it is you and you love and live the way you want..

Knowing I can’t is the like the hardest thing to do.. What m I trying to walk away from ?? When you are not where in sight, when you are not around with any communication for months.. Still your thoughts come back to haunt me again and again..
It feels like a battle to stand up against these thoughts

Living is for a person to live but freely and in peace..

Where do I find peace living with these feelings suppressed inside or being vulnerable in front of you.. Not knowing if you would care to know or would you care .. Do you know already all I have to say or Do you know..

Living with the thought of you, without being around you.. Guess the heart never stops beating or feeling

~ Nalini Dutta

#love #feeling #complicated