Honest dialogue to build bonds of trust!

Everyday we get up in the morning with things we want to do and questions we don’t have answers for. I see people around and their confusions and realise I am at some point of time struggling with few answers from my own life that i havn’t got any answers for.

Today morning a friend called and was sharing how difficult it is for her to move on in a new relationship with a man who loves her when the one she loves has come back in her life. Life is strange I was thinking, its just been months when we were all chanting “Nam myoho renge kyo” to fuse her life with all the happiness that she needs , and the love she needs. Also, that something should materialise between them as they had been together for a long time and yet no answer; infact it got worse and at the stage of break of.

And now when has moved on, we have the same guy coming back with the entire family to take her back in his life, now when she has taken that step forward. Now when the hopes of not just another guy buy his family and her family have been involved , he is going crazy and mad in despair.  As she was sharing , I knew how difficult it must be for her to stop him as I know she loves him in his heart.  But I had no answer to give her. Sensei says “It is the heart that is important”. But that’s all I know. Only prayers to reach her heart and give her the strength, courage and confidence so that she can take the Kosen rofu decision for her life and happiness of all concerned.

I also felt, do we really not value love when it comes to us and go mad when it is moving away and suddenly there is a sense of loss.

Feelings should be expressed before they lose meaning. Life is simple, why complicate it with delaying what is supposed to be done, what you want to say, why let people leave before you realise they are important, Take action right now ! you may save a relationship or a person you value!!

Nalini Dutta